Miranda Portrait Art

Just a note to let you know we received the portraits and they are great. They have so much personality – especially my son holding the donkey! You do such beautiful work. My husband and I will try to come see you when you are in Ponte Vedra. Thanks for the article. It is disgusting that one person gets handed so much talent! Sincerely, Elaine S.

The portrait turned out great! I was extremely impressed. And most of all, my fiancé was in awe. I would like to thank you for the quick turn-a-round. It made my fiancé birthday truly a day to remember! Thanks again, Stephanie C.

Please let us tell you again how grateful we are for your having painted our beloved Murphy. You captured him perfectly. From our hearts, thank you. Helen and Jimmie

Just a note to thank you and a line to tell you, too, nothing was more welcomed than the lovely gift from you. The silent auction was successful because of your donation. Thanks again, Tamera L.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on the portrait. It is beautiful, and the frame is perfect. We can not wait to give it to our parents at Christmas. I know they will enjoy it for many years to come. Again, thanks for a job well done! Sincerely, Craig and Kristie K.

I wish to again express my thanks for the quality portrait you made for me of my two children. As I mentioned, it was a birthday gift for my wife. I presented the portrait to her this past Saturday at a dinner party with our families. Se was pleased beyond my best expectations. Everyone who as seen the portrait is impressed with the way you captured the true look of the children. Again, my thanks, Don D.

What a fantastic picture! Glad to see you caught the ice water – that's a great detail. I don't know if I've earned “King of the Blues” status yet, but I will sure treasure this drawing. ... Thanks for sending the picture. Amazing - you're a musician and an artist too! I'll keep this forever! Your buddy, Lee Atwater
Thank you again for the beautiful work you did on creating the picture of "happy" and "hunter." I couldn't stop looking at it. It's amazing how you not only captured their looks so beautifully but also captured their feelings. Thank you very much! Terri Z.

We have been so pleased with all the portraits that you have done for us in the past. Please let me know when you will be back at the Chas. Air Force Base. Dianne M.

We are thrilled with the pictures of Hunter and Cassye – you did an excellent job and we are very pleased. The frames are perfect and exactly what I had in mind. They go with the furniture, as if made to order! Thanks again so very much. Mary Joe M.

Once again I find myself in the position of needing to thank you for such a thoughtful and well-crafted rendering of one of my animals. Shelby Lynn was quite the personality amongst the crew, and you have captured her gaze flawlessly. She considered herself the queen, and ruled all that she surveyed! She went suddenly, in my lap, and I can't help but think that, somehow, she orchestrated that, too. That was just her way. Again, I thank you for your talent and your compassion. Sincerely, Elizabeth E.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the portrait of Joel III. You really did a great job. We will enjoy displaying our portraits in our new house. Thanks again. Joel W. C., Jr.

This is a rather unconventional thank you note, not because I don't have the “real” kind, but because this is an expression of appreciation for that which is somewhat unconventional. Yes, I thank you for the superb portrait of Travis, my first Golden, and Katie, his sidekick, much to his dismay sometimes, throughout his life. My dilemma comes in how to thank you for capturing, not just the physical characteristics of each, but the very essence of their personalities, lives, love, trust, and devotion. Every person who has seen the portrait has marveled at its likeness – again, not of the animals, but of their spirits. I could continue in this vein, extolling your talent, being amazed at your creativity, thanking you profusely for giving me what I never expected – their watchful gaze – but no words will capture my gratitude. Elizabeth E.

Last week I picked up a portrait you did of my husband and son. My husband died two months ago and you did some special things with the portrait. When I picked it up, I don't think I adequately expressed how beautiful it is. I had to walk away so I really didn't start crying. It took me several days before I could look at the portrait and not cry – but I'm past that now and I've begun enjoying the warmth and beauty you put into the picture. The details are superb and I am enjoying the portrait more and more every day. I know my son will love it – he was close to his father in a special way. Thank you so very much for giving my son and I a picture we will both cherish. Sincerely, Martha I.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you did recently on the portraits of my mother and grandmother. As you know, this was a birthday present from me to my mother. My grandmother recently passed away and my mother was having a very difficult time adjusting to her death. I wanted to give her the portraits as a birthday present. When she saw the portrait, she was unable to speak. She was overcome with emotion. When she regained her composure, she was delighted that you were able to capture the likeness in such detail. Needless to say, this birthday gift is one she will cherish forever. Again, thank you for a job well done. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Sincerely, Kenneth B.

I couldn't go on long enough with the thank you's for which you deserve. We are still, every day, getting compliments on the painting and it makes me so proud to say it was done by my brother. Much love, Mariclare Miranda

We are going ahead with our plans for the luncheon on Sept. 18th, at which time the beautiful portraits you made will be formally presented to the 437th MAW. We would be honored to have you as our guest. Thanks again for your outstanding work. Sincerely,
Craig Nelson, MSgt.
President, Chapter 306
Air Force Sergeants Association